untold stories of motherhood

So many of the real moments of motherhood remain unspoken. It can be hard to share personal experiences or sometimes even make sense of them when all around us everyone else seems to know already what it means to be a mother…and that whatever it is, that ideal of motherhood, it just isn’t us, doesn’t seem to fit us or our experience.

In these workshops, we hold a safe space for the untold stories of motherhood – a space for women to share what it really feels like to be a mother – the good, the bad and the ugly! – and what it is like to experience motherhood outside these rules and expectations.

These circles are a confidential, creative, and dynamic healing space for making sense of our own personal experiences when they fall outside the ‘norm’ of what it is to be a mother…and to expand our own definitions and ideas about what it means ‘to be a mother’.

There will be three *free* circles happening in March, in honour of International Women’s Day, and in honour of the stories of mothers. Click here for more information.

These workshops are a creative healing space for working with personal stories and experiences of motherhood. There is no pressure to speak or to tell any more than you feel you want to share - these workshops are about coming together with an intention for understanding and healing…and beginning to connect with and work with our personal stories in a new way.

Dates for Summer/Autumn 2014 TBA ~ Cost: £24 for a 2.5 hour group session ~

Have a group that would benefit from this process?

Contact me to ask out about bringing a session + introductory training to you – or to find out more about training to lead story sessions locally.