birth matters

Here’s a truth I know so well - Birth matters. Women’s experiences of birth and motherhood matter.

Here’s another truth  - each minute of every day, women are being let down by a system they have trusted to protect and care for them and their precious babies.

I am here to change this.  I know there is only one way forward – and the one and only way forward holds women at its heart, at its centre.

This way forward, this path to real and sustainable change, lies in the women –  it lies in us.

It lies in taking the care, the health, the well-being of women – of ourselves as women – seriously. It lies in a personal and collective commitment to our own healing.  And it lies in the weaving and reweaving the strength and beauty and power of women – our strength, our beauty, our power – as mothers, as grandmothers, as sisters, as daughters as true friends and allies of one another.

This is a task for each and every one of us, for each and any one of us who cares as a woman for ourselves, for our babies – for each and any one of us who cares for our sisters, our friends, our daughters and our sons.

This is a task that can be achieved only without ego. It is utterly reliant on each of us, each and every woman stepping forward and engaging with her own path and process – each and every woman committing herself to engaging with her own healing. We are all valuable. We are all needed now.

So, I am here. I am here to hold a space for healing for women, for their stories of birth and of motherhood. I am here to hold a space for women to bring their fears, their traumas, and their challenges – a space where they can rediscover the personal strength and power that is needed to carry on and move forward.

If you are a mama or mama-to-be start here…

I am here too to lend a hand to all those who share this task, whatever form that work takes for you – I am here to support your strength and clarity in your calling and your work that the fires we kindle may burn bright and strong.

If you are a doula, midwife or someone who works with women and families in the childbearing year, start here…